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CONSCIOUSNESS IS ANATOMY: A Conversation with Anoop Kumar, MD

The Ruth Stone House Podcast
The Ruth Stone House Podcast
CONSCIOUSNESS IS ANATOMY: A Conversation with Anoop Kumar, MD


“Having spent most of his life exploring the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta and its implications on the relationships among consciousness, mind, body, and society, Anoop found that our understanding of these is outdated and incomplete. He’s spent the last several years speaking around the world, writing books, and encouraging audiences to rethink consciousness and unveil a more complete experience of life that also informs solutions to real-world problems. Anoop communicates his vision through the lens of the Three Minds–a framework inspired by Advaita Vedanta that places consciousness at the heart of reality.” —from

Addendum to conversation:

Bianca: I remembered something I wanted to mention. It was about the poem being “containment” for something unstable…

Also I was just obsessively thinking how I wanted to mention Winnicott early on when you were talking about the child not seeing the separation between self and world– there’s this great quote about the child “creating the breast over and over” And it’s the mother’s job to disillusion them from thinking they create reality…

Anoop: I’m not sure that the child is not creating the breast over and over, in a sense. Not the child as an individual per se, but rather that which expresses as child and as breast is called into relationship, and in that sense the child is creating the breast. I think it’s in that same sense that we are the world. It’s not just a metaphor. It’s literal. We are the world in a sense and we are not the world in a sense, and both senses are exactly true and necessary. So necessary. 

Bianca: My God, what magic. It’s true, entirely. (And not true, as the case may be…) But what infinitude is there. It’s the opposite of anxiety. I feel our everyday anxiety and frantic abstract despair is from the fact that we’re told to believe we weren’t involved in the creation of the breast.And there’s a false isolation from the world–which is madness, since it is us.

Anoop: Beautifully said. The opposite of anxiety. Exactly.
And again, exactly: what arrogance to say that we are not involved in the creation of the breast. Do we and the breast not share simultaneous and temporal existence? How can this be overlooked? Only an osteoporotic mind can do so.

And again, beautiful exactness: the world is us. How could we ever have been separate from it? To consider this is madness. To reject this is even sweeter madness.