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Episode I: Dorothea Lasky

The Ruth Stone House Podcast
The Ruth Stone House Podcast
Episode I: Dorothea Lasky

The Shining, moon landing, bees: just some of the subjects covered in Ben & Bianca’s conversation with Dorothea Lasky about her amazing new collection of poetry, Milk.


In her latest collection, Dorothea Lasky brings her signature style—a deeply felt and uncanny word-music—to all matters of creativity, from poetry and the invention of new language to motherhood and the production of new life. As much a personal document as it is an occult text, Milk investigates overused paradigms of what it means to be a creator and encapsulates its horrors and joys—setting fire to the enigma that drives the vital force that enables poems, love, and life to happen.



Buy Milk at Wave Books [Readers who purchase Milk on the Wave website will also receive a limited edition pamphlet of Dorothea Lasky’s prose piece, Why I Am Sad] Blurbs & samples from Milk

Moon Landing Conspiracy Theories 

Stanley Kubrick’s Daughter Addresses “Moon Landing Conspiracy Theory”

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