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The Self-States: Poetry & Therapy with Nathan Rice

The Ruth Stone House Podcast
The Ruth Stone House Podcast
The Self-States: Poetry & Therapy with Nathan Rice

Well, this ongoing saga continues. I’m talking with the psychotherapist, Nathan Rice, who I connected with on Twitter this past year. What caught my eye on his feed was a clear appreciation for good poetry, and an eye for the overlaps in how poetry works, and how therapy works.

We talk about these things in general, mainly, the issues of the multiple states of self, and adjusting to that in therapy and in poetry–or not adjusting as the case may be. The damage inflicted by our obsession over the ideal self is probably one of the most impactful realizations we could come to as humans, and one I feel I’m just now fully appreciating; I was deeply grateful to discuss that with him, and feel it’s important for all of us. It can certainly open us up as poets.

This is only scratching the surface, and we look forward to your comments and questions on any of these subjects.

Read two poems, one “Metastatic,” by Anya Krugovoy Silver

and Natalie Shapero’s “Winter Injury,” from Hard Child 

Nathan Rice

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Nathan Rice is a licensed psychotherapist, certified psychoanalyst and clinical supervisor with a private practice in New York City.