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World Building, RPG & Poetry: With Ed Steck

The Ruth Stone House Podcast
The Ruth Stone House Podcast
World Building, RPG & Poetry: With Ed Steck

“I am a spelunking, trekking, foraging, veteran
myco-mountaineer equipped with all-terrain-
positioned outer textiles, skin-wrapping body
warmers, o-hiking tools and gear, a fine hat. “

Ed Steck, From, “MycoMountaineer from At The Mountains of the Mycoverse

Read the whole poem HERE: ASPHALTE MAGAZINE

In this episode we’re very excited to be talking with the poet, Ed Steck about his investigations into the intricacies of “worldbuilding” which Steck describes as “the process of constructing a fictional world, including the political and social atmosphere, history, environmental landscapes, government, and any other expandable concept relevant to the construction of a believable (or unbelievable) world.”

Ed Steck is the author of An Interface for a Fractal Landscape (Ugly Duckling Presse), The Garden: Synthetic Environment for Analysis and Simulation (Ugly Duckling Presse), The Rose (with Adam Marnie, Hassla), Far Rainbow (Make Now Books), and others. He lives in Pittsburgh, PA.


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Jeff Oaks

(Sneak Peek at Ed Steck’s unpublished book!)