Reading with Rilke: The Second Elegy

We continue our series on Rilke’s Duino Elegies with Edward Snow’s translation of The Second Elegy, talking with poet Mark Wunderlich. Wunderlich, who is currently at work on a book on Rilke, is deep research into the biography, which give us rich insight into creation of “The Second Elegy.” Beginning with what Wunderlich calls the […]

Episode 41: Sex, Poetry and Angels with Chariot Wish & Ben Fama

In this podcast I’m talking with the poet Chariot Wish and their editor, the poet Ben Fama, about Chariot’s new chapbook called: a new heaven and a new earth, from Wonder. The poems in the book are intensely intimate, exploring sexuality, spirituality and the place of the self in a patchwork whirlwind of culture, society […]