Episode 43: Talking Life & Poetry with Charles Simic

Bianca Stone talking with the acclaimed Serbian American poet and former co-poetry editor of the Paris Review, about what life and in Covid, marital squabbles of crows, the dullness of growing up between his grandfather’s farm in rural Serbia, and the excitement of Belgrade; how nature and city works in his poems, and the wandering […]

Episode 42: The Poems that Write Towards Nothing; Natalie Shapero

Talking today with acclaimed poet, Natalie Shapero about her most recent collection of poetry about the poetry that deal with the human being against an array of neoliberal and capitalistic systems; against the dynamics of people in proximity to one another; what it might look like to write towards oblivion; the wry truth of sadness; […]

Episode 41: Sex, Poetry and Angels with Chariot Wish & Ben Fama

In this podcast I’m talking with the poet Chariot Wish and their editor, the poet Ben Fama, about Chariot’s new chapbook called: a new heaven and a new earth, from Wonder. The poems in the book are intensely intimate, exploring sexuality, spirituality and the place of the self in a patchwork whirlwind of culture, society […]

Episode 40: Love, Anger & Waves with Sarah Arvio

like a spree of free association that comes to make meaning Talking with the acclaimed poet, Sarah Arvio about her beautiful new book. Cry Back My Sea, a book meditating on love and anger in the domestic relationship. Here, we discuss the musicality of words, their long associations and allusions; and writing the poems we […]

Episode 39: Poetry & Art with Anselm Berrigan

Talking with the New York City based poet, Anselm Berrigan about his amazing new collection of poetry, Pregrets–our relationships to visual arts, interacting with it in poetry, the uses of narrative in art and the assembly of a line of poetry. We go deep, we go far. Poetry entails:::::: “It’s…figuring out when specific conditions of […]

The Self-States: Poetry & Therapy with Nathan Rice

Well, this ongoing saga continues. I’m talking with the psychotherapist, Nathan Rice, who I connected with on Twitter this past year. What caught my eye on his feed was a clear appreciation for good poetry, and an eye for the overlaps in how poetry works, and how therapy works. We talk about these things in […]

Bianca Stone & Arisa White On Teaching & Play in Poetry

This a recording that happened after the poetry reading at Next Galaxy writers retreat, between Bianca Stone and Arisa White. Here we talk about what it means to be in a community of writers, to teach poetry, the containment of poetry and the classroom, and how we keep learning as teachers. Thanks to Leanne Ruell […]

Matthew Zapruder: The Sound of Ordinary Language & Unfamiliar Selves

Many exciting things happen in this conversation with Matthew Zapruder (forgive the audio!) starting with discussing self-inquiry in poetry, poetry as a reaction against power, providing a space for the self, but also others within the poem. What does it mean to be flat and logical in your language? What impulses in poetry and come […]

I Was Under a Spell: Talking with Sharon Olds about Poetry & Life

I’m always lucky to be with my dear friend and mentor, the poet Sharon Olds. I sat down with her during a visit to New York City, in her apartment on Washington Square, with my 4yo daughter, Odette in tow, and we discussed the complexities of thought and identity during the isolation of the pandemic, […]