In the Kitchen Talking about Poetry & Process with Dara Barrois/Dixon

Dara Barrois/Dixon (formerly Dara Wier) is the author of Tolstoy Killed Anna Karenina (Wave Books, 2022). Other titles include In the Still of the Night (Wave Books, 2017), You Good Thing (Wave Books, 2014), Reverse Rapture (Verse Press, 2005), Hat on a Pond (Verse Press, 2002) and Voyages in English (Carnegie Mellon, 2001).  She has received awards from the Lannan Foundation, American Poetry Review, The Poetry Center Book Award, […]

The Exquisite Humor & Truth of Sommer Browning

Talking with the poet and artist, Sommer Browning about her new book GOOD ACTORS, from Birds LLC. Sommer Browning is an author, curator, and artist living in Denver. Her books include two collections of poetry Backup Singers and Either Way I’m Celebrating (both with Birds, LLC), as well as the artist book, The Circle Book (Cuneiform Press), the joke book You’re On My […]

Ben Purkert & the Continuously Emerging Poet

Talking in this episode with the poet and writer, Ben Purkert, about the manuscript editing process, teaching, self-imposed identities as a poet, and reading a lot of poems from his debut poetry collection For the Love of Endings! Ben Purkert is the author of the forthcoming novel The Men Can’t Be Saved (Overlook, 2023). His […]

Generous Space: Emily Kendal Frey

Talking with the poet and therapist Emily Kendal Frey, about her most recent book, Loveability, and how In poems we’re not only making space to explore risky ideas of self, but space for a reader to do the same. It’s a relationship with narrative that leaves space for the reader to see and being seen. But also […]

Skateboarding, Poetry & Psychotherapy with Matt L. Roar

Ben Pease and I talk with the poet and psychotherapist, Matt L. Rohrer (now publishing under “Roar”), (who also used to play on an all-poets basketball team in NYC with Ben) about his evolution from being a poet and working with kids to being an independent clinical social worker. Fascinatingly, Matt’s work with young men […]

Oral Traditions & Issues of Space: Shanta Lee Gander on Lucy Terry Prince

Ben Pease and I talked with the amazing Vermont poet, writer and artist Shanta Lee Gander who gives lectures on the life of Lucy Terry Prince as a member of the Vermont Humanities Council Speakers Bureau. As we are the end of Black History Month, we wanted to take a moment to really honor the […]

The Silent Theater of the Mind: Mark Leidner & Bianca Stone in Conversation

This episode is part-un-planned-conversation, part-mutual-interview–poets Bianca Stone and Mark Leidner discuss how the self functions in and outside of the poem, what it might say about the anxiety of the poet, how the speaker functions in the poem, the ecosystem of poetry and desire desire desire. What happens when poets sit down without much of […]

Episode 43: Talking Life & Poetry with Charles Simic

Bianca Stone talking with the acclaimed Serbian American poet and former co-poetry editor of the Paris Review, about what life and in Covid, marital squabbles of crows, the dullness of growing up between his grandfather’s farm in rural Serbia, and the excitement of Belgrade; how nature and city works in his poems, and the wandering […]

Episode 42: The Poems that Write Towards Nothing; Natalie Shapero

Talking today with acclaimed poet, Natalie Shapero about her most recent collection of poetry about the poetry that deal with the human being against an array of neoliberal and capitalistic systems; against the dynamics of people in proximity to one another; what it might look like to write towards oblivion; the wry truth of sadness; […]

Episode 41: Sex, Poetry and Angels with Chariot Wish & Ben Fama

In this podcast I’m talking with the poet Chariot Wish and their editor, the poet Ben Fama, about Chariot’s new chapbook called: a new heaven and a new earth, from Wonder. The poems in the book are intensely intimate, exploring sexuality, spirituality and the place of the self in a patchwork whirlwind of culture, society […]